About Us


Melissa Young is a lifestyle and fashion wardrobe + prop stylist specializing in commercial, outdoor, pharma, home decor, and fashion with close to 10 years in the industry.

With a diverse portfolio and multiple magazine spreads behind her, Melissa always pushes the envelope creatively and consistently produces engaging wardrobe styles for her clients. 

She has experience working stills and motion campaigns withbrands like Target, Crown Royal, Getty Images, African Pride and Crème of Nature. Melissa’s experience spans throughout TV/film, having on-set wardrobe experience with Divorce Court (season 24).

She has mastered the art of choosing the right looks, that not only make clients feel and look good but stir up the right emotions. She prides herself on the ability to execute visual story telling through wardrobe, props and finds the job as a stylist extremely rewarding. She lives near Atlanta, GA with her husband Ced and three lovely children. 

The Team

Tiffany loves organizing, shopping and all things fashion! She believes in the unique beauty of women and men and loves to help them feel great in their clothes. She loves working with groups and/or teams by helping them dress in a way that’s authentic to who they truly are.

Tiffany has managed a large brick and mortar fashion boutique and multiple employees in the fashion industry.

For rates and other inquiries, email us at hello@melissajyoung.com or click here to book a style chat.

The mission of Melissa J & Co is to create unforgettable styling experiences for businesses and brands.

The company’s vision is to help brands create wardrobes that promote impact, confidence, and passion.